Mobile affiliate marketing: a practical guide

You don’t need to be a marketing expert immediately to become an affiliate. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can learn along the way, testing various organic or paid campaigns. Leverage any of your marketing experience gained before and try to identify what performs best and brings the most profits. As an affiliate marketer, you become an independent promoter of a chosen product or range of products from a selected niche, on behalf of the vendors. Being an affiliate publisher means having absolute freedom to build your online presence.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile attribution in affiliate marketing

As many of you are familiar with the fact that the affiliate marketing industry is worth billions of dollars, it has been prospering tremendously for the past few years. Primarily, it’s one of the main benefits of attaching yourself to the growing business, and it amplifies your mobile attribution definition chances of growth and success. With this information, you can optimize your marketing campaigns to reach your target audience better and improve your overall conversion rate. In affiliate marketing, usually, it takes lots of effort and dedication to stand out from the crowd.

Strategies: Fast & Slow, Cheap and Expensive

It is a highly challenging task to promote any product in this competitive marketplace. If you choose any product to promote using your website, it has a high chance that there are many others who already are doing the same as you are preparing. Affiliate marketing can be difficult to manage at first, but the advantages it brings are definitely worth the effort and hours of hard work! Commission rates depend on the category of items sold and range from 1%-4%.

  • It may turn out that some cheap solutions will offer many more features than other, expensive, and highly overpriced solutions.
  • For small to mid-size businesses, multi-million dollar ad campaigns are just not in the budget.
  • There is no doubt that one of the most effective ways to make money online is by becoming an affiliate marketer.
  • Mobile marketing is similar to digital marketing, though it’s not that extensive.
  • You’d have to ensure your attribution model works efficiently, manage and recruit your affiliates, and also spend the time creating reporting and metrics for monitoring the channel.
  • There are also certain banned methods, such as installing adware or spyware that redirect all search queries for a product to an affiliate’s page.

Generally, most people want to scroll through the page without getting bombarded with ads. Not everyone has the patience to click extra buttons to close an app or continue when there’s a popup with a very small “X” button on the corner. It can be tricky to build ads that display properly for both horizontal and vertical positions, especially when there’re so many different devices in the market. For those with new smartphones or tablets and paying attention to optimization, ad display on landing pages shouldn’t be a problem. However, not all are mindful of this fact, so brands stand to lose on some of their targeted demographic.

The different attribution models

By partnering with trusted bloggers and reputable websites, you can further the reputation of your brand and its products. These partners will champion your products and, in our opinion, will further solidify consumer confidence in your product or service. While in the research phase of a purchase, consumers are more likely to trust a 3rd party’s opinion over content produced directly from the site selling this product. Consumers also have a certain level of trust in websites they frequent for product recommendations. You first need to understand that affiliate marketing can be built only on trust. Though there are numerous products that you can promote, always opt to promote products that you have already used or that you would recommend.

There’re certain lines mobile marketers ought to avoid crossing with their ads. A call-to-action (CTA) and a button might not be clickable, which prevents consumers from checking a brand’s offer. Others don’t bother downloading and installing updates or managing the storage, which affects the device’s performance. Ad blockers are a hindrance, and there’s no real way to overcome them unless brands change the nature of the ads and use them as the actual content on a landing page rather than popups.

Importance of Mobile Attribution in Mobile Marketing

Of course there’s always the exception of free stuff for users like apps (CPI), or dating offers (CPL), but let’s not dwell on that. When you buy traffic in order to promote an offer, it’s all about the balance between your performance and the position you can afford. The best way to make sure you’re choosing the right traffic source is to start by checking ad networks that have real traffic and good reviews. Then, for each purchase performed using those links, the affiliate who’s responsible will receive a commission.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile attribution in affiliate marketing

You’re making a big mistake if you’re not yet leveraging social media for your mobile affiliate marketing campaign. Social media marketing may help you connect and engage with the audience, strengthen your brand, increase conversions and sales, to name a few. This involves optimizing and publishing your content on social media, engaging with your followers, running social media ads.

Affiliate Programs

You’re working on your laptop or mobile phone as a freelancer in the affiliate program. Here you don’t have to share the profit; you’re working as a sole proprietor. Different attribution models can produce different results, so it’s important to determine which one provides the most accurate picture.

Finally, you will quickly realize that working as an affiliate marketer and promoting other businesses’ products and services can be highly beneficial for you income-wise. Glassdoor reports that affiliate marketers earn an average of $66,029 per year, with earnings ranging from $35,000 up to $124,000. So if you are ready to start making money with affiliate marketing, I strongly encourage you to join the LiveChat Affiliate Partner Program, one of the best affiliate programs available.

Schedule Everything and Optimize your Working Time

Even though some of the customers are not keen on their data being tracked and gathered, most still prefer content and ads tailored to their interests. There is really is no ignoring the rise of mobile marketing, as the advantages mentioned above would indicate. Mobile marketing is a necessity for a growing brand, especially considering that people are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. So if you haven’t already optimized your website for mobile or thought about how your online marketing strategy should account for people using smartphones, contact us today.

This is worth considering because the larger reach an influencer has, the more authority (and sales) they can direct to a site through an affiliate partnership. An affiliate marketing business is the easiest way to earn passive income online. All the challenges are on you, and performance relies on your determination, approach, and the affiliate strategy you choose to follow. A customer journey map explains why and how potential customers are interested in the affiliate offer. This allows affiliate marketers to achieve higher conversion rates and build better relationships with the audience.


Don’t forget that, since smartphones are considerably smaller than a laptop or a desktop, the user experience will also have to be adapted to these formats. Apart from this main point, it’s all about considering the new device types, operating systems, browsers, etc. for mobile. This means that second level entities such as advertising agencies and third-party vendors have started to appear. That the clicks and visits are generated in spades but don’t bring any real leads or conversions.

Affiliate Networks Rule!

A young golf influencer with dreams of making the PGA tour would be a perfect candidate for an affiliate partnership. Don’t let the thought of fraudulent activity and the lesser control over your brand put you off affiliate marketing. There are thousands of affiliates with expertise in search engine marketing and email marketing who can help attract new leads to your business. There’s a reason search interest for “affiliate marketing” grew by 30% in 2017. Consider Toyota USA, who put effort into creating 100 thousand different adverts for Facebook users because they wanted to cater to as many potential customers as they could.

Affiliate marketing is a business strategy quickly gaining popularity because it can help you increase your online presence, online revenue, and customer base. It’s essentially an advertising model in which companies reward third-party individuals for generating traffic and leads for them. It is considered to be one of the simplest, yet one of the most profitable ways to make money online. It doesn’t require high startup costs or product development time because it mostly relies on the power of content marketing such as blogs and social media.

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